When SomaFit opened two years ago in Washington, DC’s Georgetown area, co-owners Theo and Olvia Adamstein selected a software program that wound up not working well for them.

Adamstein soon found Elite Software and made the switch. Why? “We like Elite because it ties every single service to an operator – a trainer, an instructor, a massage therapist or an esthetician. We can print out reports for each person, show whom they worked with, what type of activity and varying pay rates for different services. Everything is carefully tracked,” he said.

That’s particularly important to SomaFit as it is a destination spa in the city and offers not only wellness classes, but also personal trainers, Pilates, yoga and nine luxurious spa treatment rooms. With its first business software, SomaFit wasn’t able to track sales in the various categories offered.

Using Elite Software, Adamstein says they are also able to track schedules for each different operational area: spa, training, Pilates, yoga — by clicking on the appropriate schedule. SomaFit, from the Greek “soma” for body, is not only trendsetting in what it offers its customers, but also in how services are priced. “We don’t have memberships or monthly fees, said Adamstein. Customers buy services a la carte or through packages of services.

The formula must be working. After only two years in business, Adamstein says, “we’re doing extremely well.” Congratulations Theo and Olvia. We’re proud to welcome you to the Elite Software family.

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