I don't even think about the money I spend monthly on Elite. It's a no-brainer that you get a return on your investment. To be able to manage all of our information -- we have almost 7,000 clients -- how am I not going to have this computerized?

Myra Porter
Myra & Company
Miami FL

Q: Do you offer training online?

A: No. Training is provided remotely via telephone or conference call by one of our qualified training personnel.

Q: Do you offer training courses that we can attend in Gainesville?

A: No. Currently we are unable to host ongoing training workshops or courses at our corporate office. If this is something you think we should offer, contact us to let us know.

Q: Do you provide training in person?

A: Yes. On-site training can be arranged at a cost of $150 per hour at a minimum of five hours, plus travel expenses to your salon. Contact us if you would like to request a quote for on-site training.

Q: How much training does it take to get up and running with the software?

A: The average user is able to learn the basic operation of the software in less than a week. Once you've installed the software, we recommend you allot one to two weeks before your intended start date to allow for data entry and training.

Q: How much does training cost?

A: Training is provided remotely via telephone at no charge to all clients who are current on their monthly subscription fees. Purchase type clients must have a current annual support contract to be eligible for additional training.

Q: How far in advance do I need to schedule training?

A: We typically recommend at least one week in advance. However since many salons choose to schedule their training appointments on Mondays; these days tend to get booked out further in advance.

Q: As a new client, do I have to schedule training?

A: No. Training is not required. Many of our users find the program relatively easy to configure and choose to instead contact us on an as needed basis for occasional assistance.