I don't even think about the money I spend monthly on Elite. It's a no-brainer that you get a return on your investment. To be able to manage all of our information -- we have almost 7,000 clients -- how am I not going to have this computerized?

Myra Porter
Myra & Company
Miami FL

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Technical support is available free of charge to all subscribers, and included with annual support plans for other users. You can obtain support by:

  • Telephone

    Call 1-800-662-3548 ext. 3 to reach a technician. You must be current on
    your subscription fees or annual support to be eligible for technical support.

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    Technical support can be obtained using an Internet connection at your
    business computer to allow our technicians to remotely access your machine.
    Please contact our technical support department at 1-800-662-3548 ext. 3 for additional details.

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