It's great, and really does everything I need it to do.

Tiffany Albert
Fusion Spa
New York

Q: I authenticated my license for the current month, but the program is still asking me to authenticate.

A: If either Elite Salon & Spa Management™ or Elite Network Administrator™ (if running on a network) has not been restarted since you authenticated, the license information has yet to be updated. Please close and restart these programs to update your license information. If the problem persists, verify that your computer's date is correct and repeat the previous instructions to update your license.

Q: I'm receiving the following message:

"Your subscription license has not been authenticated for this month. Would you like to run the License Manager now?"

A: Subscribers are required to update their license information on a monthly basis. When prompted with this message, click "Yes" and choose one of the options shown to authenticate your subscription license.

Q: I'm receiving the following message:

"The program cannot run without the security device."

A: If you are running Elite Salon & Spa Management™ in "stand-alone" mode (not on a network), verify that the security device is securely connected to the computer.

Q: I am on a wireless network and my computer keeps getting disconnected while I am running Elite Salon & Spa Management™.
What could be causing this?

A: Despite their rising popularity, current wireless networks can't provide a reliably consistent signal for rigorous network communication and usage. This is the main reason why we do not support using the program on a wireless network. Elite Salon & Spa Management™ is constantly sending information across your network and any interruptions can lead to severe data loss or corruption. The program will also lock up if it is not able to communicate with Elite Network Administrator™ on your server.

Q: Why is the program not sending e-mails that I've created?

A: Verify that either Outlook or Outlook Express is running. Elite Salon & Spa Management™ requires either Outlook or Outlook Express to send e-mails.