I don't think any business in today's market is going to exist without a computer, and in the spa industry, the computer is used for Elite!

Bettye Odom
Bettye O. Day Spa
Chicago IL

Elite Salon & Spa Payroll™ is designed to seamlessly integrate with its management counterpart, or function independently as a stand-alone product. Federal and state withholding taxes are updated annually and are provided free of charge to all subscribers.

Program Features:

  • Handles retail and service sliding scale commissions
  • Handles hourly wages
  • Handles deductions for health insurance, 401K and IRA retirement plans
  • Tracks federal and state withholding taxes
  • Prints payroll checks
  • Allows electronic pay stubs to be sent via email
  • Prints U.S. Forms W-2, W-3, 940 and 941

Program Requirements:

  • Pentium class CPU at 133 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Windows® 98, XP , NT, 2000® and 2003®
  • (Currently Elite Salon & Spa Payroll™ only supports Windows® 7 Professional or Ultimate on x64 Editions of Windows®. Please click here for more information.)


Elite Salon & Spa Payroll™ is included with the purchase of or subscription to Elite Salon & Spa Management™. It can also be purchased separately for $225.