Elite is a very user-friendly system, I would highly recommend it to anyone. I just couldn't imagine running our business without it.

Roberta Johnson
Oasis Day Spa & Salon
Charlotte NC

Q: Does Elite Salon & Spa Management™ offer online booking?

A: No. Online booking is not supported in the current release. Look for it in a future release.

Q: Can I purchase specialty items like cash drawers elsewhere?

A: Yes, although we cannot guarantee these items will work as intended with the software program. Similarly, we are unable to provide any assistance connecting or troubleshooting these items.

Q: Do any of my subscription fees get applied if I decide to purchase the license later?

A: Yes. We will apply up to three months of subscription fees toward the purchase price of the program.
Note: This does not apply to the purchase of the single-operator version. Subscription fees are only applied toward the purchase of the unlimited operator version.

Q: Are there any penalties for canceling my subscription?

A: No. You can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalties or charges. Once your subscription cancellation request is received, you will not be billed for further subscription fees.

Q: Should I get the Single Operator version or the Unlimited Operator version?

Single Operator Version:
You need to schedule appointments for only one technician.
You need to record sales for only one technician.
You are a booth renter.

Unlimited Operator Version:
You need to schedule appointments for multiple technicians.
You need to record sales for multiple technicians.
You may use the program on multiple computers with a network license.
You want to use the Elite Salon & Spa Payroll™ program.