I don't even think about the money I spend monthly on Elite. It's a no-brainer that you get a return on your investment. To be able to manage all of our information -- we have almost 7,000 clients -- how am I not going to have this computerized?

Myra Porter
Myra & Company
Miami FL

  Elite Salon & Spa Management

Elite Salon & Spa Management software is a comprehensive management application developed specifically for the beauty and wellness industry. This application addresses all of the operational needs of your salon or spa.

  Elite Salon & Spa Payroll

Elite Software has developed this payroll application to handle a wide array of compensation types. You can manage your salon or spa's payroll demands without the need for a costly accountant or payroll service.

  Specialty Products

Elite Software offers a variety of accessory products that are designed to complement our salon and spa management software. Whether you are searching for bar code readers, touch screens or even gift cards; we’re your one-stop shopping solution for all the tools you need to automate your business operations.

  Products FAQ

Get answers to the most popular questions we have received about Elite Software's salon and spa management products.